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2121 Carling Ave,
Ottawa, ON
K2A 1H2

Driving to Carlingwood

Carlingwood Shopping Centre is located at the corner of Carling and Woodroffe in Ottawa's west-end. You will recognize the building when you see the Sears Department store and Loblaws grocery store. The shopping centre is surrounded by a parking lot with over 2,500 parking spaces.



Driving West on the 417

  1. Take CARLING AVE. Exit #124 toward KIRKWOOD AVE.
  2. The exit ramp joins and becomes CARLING AVE., you will want to be in the centre lane.
  3. Follow CARLING AVE. for approximately 3KM when you will turn right into the Carlingwood Shopping Centre parking in front of Loblaws.


Driving East on the 417

  1. Take the WOODROFFE AVE. Exit #127.
  2. Turn LEFT onto WOODROFFE AVE. NORTH off the exit ramp.
  4. Turn RIGHT onto CARLING AVE. and get into the left turning lane.
  5. Turn left onto WOODROFFE and turn right into Carlingwood Shopping Centre parking in front of Sears.


Insider information on parking

Everyone likes to find parking close to the door. Regular Carlingwood shoppers know to bypass the Carling Avenue parking areas and go to the back by driving to access points off Iroquois Drive or Woodroffe Avenue. The North and West parking decks have extra parking areas on two levels that allow you to park close to the doors at Entrance #5 and #4.


Bicycle Parking

Bicycle racks are available at Entrance #2 close to Sears, at entrance #3 on the first level of the two level parking deck across from Brown's Cleaners, outside the doors at entrance #4 and on the first level of the two level parking deck across from entrance #4.